Major concerns when working 24/7 and using such state of the art equipment are power failures and natural disasters. Here at Excellent Answering Service those concerns are a thing of the past. In case of a power outage, for any reason, our first solution is our APC Smart-UPS® which provides service to our critical equipment from any power problems by supplying reliable network-grade power. Our second solution to loss of power is a 7,000 watt gasoline powered generator. In any power outage case you will be covered and your calls will be answered! 

Another concern that the answering service industry has to handle is the possibility of telephone lines going down. For Excellent Answering Service we have the solution. If our telephone lines ever go down the telephone traffic will be transferred from our first provider to our second back up provider. This means our operators can continue to handle calls with the prompt professional service you and your clients deserve. 

As proud Tampa Bay residents we come across certain dangers living in Florida; mainly hurricanes and other natural disasters such as tornadoes. When these hazards arise we may be unable to access or operate our call center. If this situation occurs we have an out of state sister network located in Nebraska. Our sister network receives YOUR data and the out of state operators can continue to answer your calls untouched by any circumstances taking place in Florida. 

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